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Aluminum castings
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aluminum casting Material
aluminium die casting
Copper castings
Copper casting process& tech
Copper casting Material
Copper die casting
Steel castings
Steel casting process& tech
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Iron castings
Shell molding procss
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Special cast iron(alloy cast iron)
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Zinc castings
Zinc permanent mold casting
Zinc casting Material
zinc die casting
Tooling Making
NINGBO ZeYang Machinery Co., Ltd have its own factories and has rich and special experience in metal form and machine fields, it has succeed in forming and organizing a metal manufacturing industry chain to manufacture, supply and export from raw material, to casting, machining, heattreating, surface finishing as well. It is specialized in casting and...
Automotive Industry
Heatsink & gear housing
General Industry
Give us your design or your drawing, we can produce. .
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We manufacture, supply, export metal parts, metal. .
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We manufacture, supply, export metal parts, metal. .
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  We (Ningbo ZeYang Machinery Import & export Co., Ltd)Will welcome you to arrive at our website ~ we to achieve attentively for you well, as soon as our product quality check, will be...
stainless steel casting
Mining& earthmoving Industry
Pipe Valve & Energy Industry
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We manufacture, supply, export metal parts, metal. .
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Pressure Die Casting
Gravity die casting
(permanent mold casting)
Investment Casting
Sand Casting
Precision Machinig,CNC
Metal Stamping & Forming
Surface finish
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